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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

BB wrote: “I am happily married and am trying to figure out how to talk to my wife about a specific sexual desire. Pegging. I have wanted to ask her for some time if she would want to peg me. I just can’t get up the courage. We have a great relationship and we have amazing sex. Even after 20 years of marriage! We have both admitted in the past 10 years that things have gotten vanilla. Intercourse, she’s on top, I’m on top, etc.”

Liz says: Start by showing her my YouTube video about pegging, then have her read my latest informational blog on the subject, Want To Try Pegging? Here’s How!

These two can help you gauge her response to the possibility, and prompt the conversation that can dispel any myths or misconceptions she might have about it. If after watching the video and reading the post she says she has no interest, that’s an opportunity for you to ask her if there’s anything new she would like to try.

Congratulations on having a long, happy marriage!








2 thoughts on “He’s Been Married 20 Years and Wants To Try Something New

  1. Steve says:

    While not married as long as this gentlemen (5 years), I was in the same situation and while yet to be technically pegged the info in your video made my wife feel much more comfortable with anal play (giving) and we have worked our way up to get using our dildo on me:)

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    1. Thanks for sharing that, Steve!

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