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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Todd wrote: “I have two fetishes: a woman wearing pantyhose headscissors me, and I love to have a woman wearing pantyhose step on my throat. My question is how can I present these fetishes to a woman and make them sound less dangerous because I like to pass out from both of them. Please let me know how to do this.”

Liz says: There is no way to “make them sound less dangerous”, nor would I give suggestions on how to manipulate a sex partner into participating in something dangerous. Cutting off your airways is DANGEROUS and should never be encouraged.

Hundreds of people die every year from auto-erotic asphyxiation and/or choking themselves to get “high”. Restricting oxygen to the brain can cause brain damage as well as death. It is not something to play with, sexually or otherwise.

This is risky for the woman who does this to you, as well. What if you die while she’s stepping on your throat? No, just no, don’t do it. It’s simply not worth the risks.

So what can you do if these fantasies turn you on? You can fantasize about them. Not everything that turns us on should be lived out in real life. If this really is a paraphilia (not just something you like to occasionally do) and you can’t imagine sex without this, please consider finding someone to talk to who can help you (like psychotherapist¬†Rob Peach, click here to visit his website).

Your sex partner can wear pantyhose and still be dominating without risking your life. Find a happy sexual alternative to possible death, it’s a win-win!

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