The Naked Advice

Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Frederick wrote: “Long acrylic and natural fingernails are a huge turn on for me. I’ve had this fetish since I was 6 and long nails can bump a female from an 8 to a 10. The problem is the girls I date or talk to don’t get their nails frequently done. How should I (if I should at all) talk them into getting their nails done more often? I don’t want to be pushy or demanding but it’s a major turn on and it enhances sex and the look of the person overall. Can you make a video about talking your partner into your nail fetish?”

Liz says: People often use the word “fetish” when they specify a turn-on, but an actual sexual fetish has a very particular meaning. Basically, if it’s something you can have sex without employing, either through fantasy or reality, then it’s not a fetish. If it’s simply something you prefer or find an added bonus that increases someone’s sex appeal, then it’s not a fetish. A sexual fetish is something that is necessary for you to employ in order for you to receive sexual gratification. In other words, if you can have sex and orgasm without imagining long fingernails, looking at them, or having a partner with them, then it’s not a fetish.

Whether or not it’s an actual fetish, it’s important enough to you that you’re writing me about it, so here goes: you need to only date women who already have long fingernails and enjoy getting frequent manicures. You don’t date people and then try to change them, you look for people who already possess the traits and behaviors that are important to you.

I don’t make YouTube videos for my channel anymore, but if I did I wouldn’t tell you how to talk your partner into turning themselves into someone they aren’t for your fantasies. If you were already married, however, that would be different. Some people make the mistake of getting married too young (they kept their fetish a secret) or they develop a sexual fantasy or kink during the marriage, and they need guidance in talking to their spouse about participating in their fantasies. But if you can prevent that issue in the first place, then you should by only dating women who love to have long fingernails.

But fashion trends come and go, and people like to change up their appearances, so what happens if you find this lady but one day she decides she’s sick of having long fingernails? They can be debilitating, after all. Have you ever tried wearing long fake nails? Completing simple, daily tasks can be frustrating. So when you find this partner, be honest with her about your love for her nails if you do indeed have a fetish (and be honest about what else you love about her), so if the day comes that she wants to change them maybe you two can compromise by having her only wearing the fake nails during sex or something like that. Having frequent, open, honest conversations is imperative for all couples if they want to last in the long run.



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