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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

A.S. wrote: “Hi Liz, I am a big fan of yours, I love the videos you used to make. The best part was the occasional laughs you had while reading something weird. It really turned me on ’cause it looked like you were humiliating those guys. Anyway, coming on to my question: I like watching CEI and JOI videos, but at the end of the CEI videos, I am never able to eat it up. I always end up throwing it away. I really want to eat it, but I can’t seem to get the courage. What should I do so that I can at least follow all the instructions through to the end in CEI video?”

Liz says: Thanks for watching my channel. I’m a big fan of yours, too, because my fans are awesome!

So you can’t follow the instructions to eat your own semen when some random stranger tells you to in an effort to make you feel humiliated? Sounds healthy to me.

Look, if being humiliated turns you on sexually, there are myriad ways to be humiliated that don’t involve ejaculate. Listening to your own instincts is a good thing. So don’t do anything you don’t actually want to do. I’m guessing that simply being told to do it is enough to be arousing for you, actually following through is an unnecessary step anyway. Sometimes the idea of something is enough.




4 thoughts on “He’s Into Female Domination But Can’t Obey This One Command

  1. anirugh singh says:

    Thank you so much miss liz for answering the queries. I like the photo you’ve put at the end. There is something about the way you write and the way you express yourself, I love it. It brings so much clarity.

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  2. James says:

    Any advice for when some theme of humiliation, like mental conditioning, is attention grabbing but still unpleasant? Like you can’t avoid it but it hurts? I’ve felt a kind of soft addiction to some themes in humiliation that make me feel bad for days, and not from embarrassment or shame.


    1. I would recommend seeing a professional who has expertise in treating issues related to sexuality, like psychotherapist Rob Peach


      1. James says:

        I’ve heard of Rob, he mostly seems to be in the “you have to embrace everything” anti repression school that doesn’t so much look into these things as it pushes sex positivity to the solution to every issue.


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