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S.S. wrote: “What’s your take on fur fetish? I personally don’t like real fur per se, but the idea I suppose of the femininity of it. Any ideas?”

Liz says: I’m happy to hear you don’t like real fur, because the methods used to steal the fur are ghastly and barbaric and should be illegal. But I don’t understand the association with femininity. What’s feminine about animal fur? In most cultures, thick body hair is considered masculine and smooth shaved skin is considered feminine. And fur coats on women often makes them appear larger and more masculine.

Anyway, I suspect that part of the appeal is tactile; the sensation of the hair tickling the skin. People have been using feather ticklers forever, I imagine fur does the same thing.

I’ve only heard of this as more of a kink than an actual paraphilia, although I won’t claim that doesn’t exist.

For me, real fur is associated with ugliness because I think it’s disgusting that people will torture and kill animals for money. But culturally fur is associated with wealth and success, so perhaps that plays a role in having a sexually arousing response to it. We tend to associate wealth with power, so a person in fur appears powerful and that can be very arousing for many people.

So that’s my take!




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