The Naked Advice

Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

George wrote: “Greetings from New York! I am 18 years old. I hope you’ve been doing well and I want to say thank you for the advice and points of view you give on these taboo topics. I have something (I’m not sure whether to call it a kink or fetish) where I love to …

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“Steve” wrote: “I recently discovered your YouTube channel and I love your approach to all sorts of sociological and psychological issues. I’m a straight male, happily married for 4 years. My wife and I are observant Jews and each other’s first sexual partners. Something I did not know about myself is that I love anal …

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Greetings, Readers 🙂 A letter-writer asked if the sexual activity he enjoys with his wife is normal. I figured it was the perfect letter to answer on my YouTube channel. Click here to watch and feel free to give it a much-deserved thumb up 😉 Thank you, Liz LaPoint