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Terah Harrison, LPC, hosts (along with her husband) the podcast Make More Love Not War and she recently interviewed me for an episode. Listen here:┬áLiz LaPoint Interview We discuss everything from sexual fetishes to sex education in the USA. Please listen and give them a 5 Star Review! Thank you! Liz  

My hubby and I haven’t had health insurance for a few years now. Only our son is covered. I needed a check-up and pap exam (which is a norm for preventive care, testing for possible cervical cancer), so I called up the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic and made an appointment. We live in a small …

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Hello, Lovely People! As I mentioned last week, I no longer embed videos on my blog because I had too many problems with them so now I simply let y’all know when they’re up! My latest video is up on The Naked Advice YouTube channel and like I promised I would do, I tackled some …

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