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Pickle Person wrote:I’m a guy with a sexual fetish for long fingernails (not too long, usually the length that people get when they get their nails done). I beat off to pictures of nails and I have conversations with female friends about their nails.

I wanted to know if you can make a video about this type of fetish. Seeing as not a lot of people talk about or show interest in this fetish, am I weird?”

Liz says: Weird as in atypical/uncommon? Yes. Weird as in creepy and in need of psychiatric help? No. Unless your fetish is causing you stress in your life, involves non-consensual acts, or is affecting your job, relationships, etc. negatively, it’s not considered a disorder.

Consult any list of the most common sexual fetishes and nails don’t crack the top 10. However it’s not unheard of, and toenails are often an associated turn-on for men with a fetish for feet. The clinical term for a fingernail fetish is onychophilia.

For some, it’s the act of biting the fingernails that turn them on. For others, it might be their extreme length that is most erotic.

Hands and nails play a big role even during the most vanilla sex in the world. Touch is an important part of physical intimacy, and we use our fingers and nails to heighten arousal by lightly scratching and caressing certain parts. So it’s not a stretch to see how for some men, fixating on fingernails would be IT for them.

pretty fingernails

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